Registration deadline for German Courses Passau in 2012 extended

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German Courses Passau

Registration for this year’s German Courses Passau is possible until 29 June. The summer courses start on 6 August and last for four weeks.
Registration is via our website:

Anyone who’s interested in learning German and is at least eighteen years old can participate in the courses. Most of our participants are students, but we also welcome young professionals. After passing the final examination, you’ll receive a certificate indicating successful completion of the courses. All courses are evaluated according to the ECTS credit point system.
The price of the course is € 490. It includes ca. 80 lessons and most of the extracurricular programme.
If you need an accommodation, we offer a single room with an own bathroom and a common kitchen (f. e. in a students’ residence hall or a shared flat) for € 260.

For more information about the German Courses Passau, please visit our website:


University of Passau
Language Centre
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Innstr. 40, room 555
Phone: +49 (0) 851 / 509 1708
Fax: +49 (0) 851 / 509 1709

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