Wanna make a video about your life in Germany and capture the amazing moments of your life?

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Now is the perfect time.
Study in Germany- Land of Ideas campaign run by DAAD is collaborating with the YouTube Channel Bharat in Germany for Season 2 of ‘A Day in Life’ series and are searching for *candidates* to participate in the series.

You do not require any expensive video or recording equipment. Just use your phone to record your life in Germany as a student.
You can be as authentic as you want.

DAAD will reward the students who take part in the series with a *Certificate of Accomplishment*
All you have to do to take part in the series is to make a short introduction video (1-2 minutes) about yourself and upload it on YouTube as *Unlisted* and share the link with garima@bharatingermany.com

What can you say during the video?
Start with your name and your country of origin and tell us about the course you are currently doing.
Share with us your hobbies and anything else that is interesting about you.

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