Global Village aka International Night – Travel the world in one night

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Do you like eating food from all over the world? Do you like engaging with people from different backgrounds? Do you enjoy showing others your culture?

Then AIESEC in Passau and AEGEE-Passau have the perfect event for you!

On 24.05.2023 at 6.30pm, the Event called “Global Village aka International Night – Travel the world in one night” will connect people from different countries through food and cultural performances.


So how can you take part?

  1. Fill out this form and take part in the event.
  2. Think about traditional food from your country that you can prepare for others to try. Alternatively, you can also prepare a performance like a dance, song etc. – the sky is the limit!
  3. Have a great time sharing your culture with students and enjoying food from all over the world!


We are looking forward to meeting you! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Patricia (+49 179 7271102) or Anna (+420 775 341 221).

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