Get your body and mind ready for a succesful start into the semester

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Tackling your studies with confidence! That’s the topic of the upcoming 3-hours seminar for international students offered by the ZKK on 11 October in the afternoon.

First steps can be tough – in the academic world, in a new field of research, or even in a new country. Studying abroad is an exciting adventure and can be found challenging. Feelings of insecurity tend to show in our body language, which makes it ever harder to meet new friends and succeed in our studies.
On the bright side, however: Increasing our confidence lies in our own hands. Sometimes, all it takes are some physical techniques used on the outside, and helpful thinking on the inside. This workshop invites you to try just that: Use some tools from improv theatre to be seen and heard, and to successfully make your way through university life. We work in a small group and a sheltered workshop environment on topics such as body language, breath and voice, and our inner mindset. Course language is English. Everyone is welcome – stage experience is not required!

Register now via Stud.IP! The event takes place at the LU8 building, located in the city centre.


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