Writing a Term Paper in Germany

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Writing a term paper can be a difficult task. As an international student with possibly little previous experience in academic writing, writing a term paper following the German standards can be even harder. This is why the International Support Service offers “Briefs about Academic Writing” where senior Master students help international students in any inquiries regarding academic writing. Our second session of the Briefs was about “Writing a Term Paper in Germany”. We covered the different components of a term paper as well as the formal components such as title page, table of content, list of tables, the appendix, bibliography and declaration of independence. Moreover, we gave some examples of guiding questions that can be useful for the separate chapters of an academic paper. Different methods and theories for finding and answering a research question were also provided. Additionally, we covered some basics of academic writing, scientific language and the scientific process of research. In the end, we also offered some helpful strategies for getting started and being productive while writing a term paper.

If you want to know more details about how to write a good term paper adhering to the German academic standards, check out our StudIP course No. 62044! There you can find the PowerPoint Slides of our past sessions and get all our useful tips on academic writing and other related topics. Our next session will he held on December 5 from 10 to 12 in NK 205, where we talk about literature research.

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