Webinar on Study organization for international first semester students on Tuesday March 26th at 3 PM

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Are you new to the university of Passau and about to start your first semester and maybe completely lost and overwhelmed being in a new country? Join our webinar on study organization on Tuesday, March 26th at 3 PM to get a good start into your studies!

We will provide you with a lot of helpful information regarding the university: We will explain the different online platforms, tell you about all necessary deadlines during the semester and elaborate on the different types of classes (lectures, seminars, etc.), explain the credit system to you and a lot more. There will certainly also be enough time to answer any questions you have. You will also be provided with a lot of further information on where to find which events for the upcoming orientation weeks.

This webinar is the kick-off of our international orientation weeks and it is very advisable to participate in the webinar and in the orientation weeks.

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