Embracing Diversity with IKB

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In the heart of our university, the Interkultureller Begegnungsraum (IKB) project has been a beacon of cultural exchange and integration, bringing together native and international students through a series of engaging events. Supported by funding from DAAD and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the project aims to foster connections, language exchange, and cross-cultural understanding among students. Throughout the winter semester of 2023-24, the IKB team organised a diverse range of activities, creating opportunities for students to connect, learn, and celebrate diversity together. Here’s a glimpse into the enriching experiences we shared:

International Night with AEGEE

The semester kicked off with an International Night in collaboration with AEGEE. Here, students presented culinary delights from more than ten countries. Attendees savoured diverse flavours and voted for their favourite dishes. The top three teams were awarded- bragging rights for the next year along with vouchers. As the night unfolded, international students and locals alike mingled, exchanging stories and bonding over shared experiences. Laughter and chatter filled the air as friendships formed and cultural barriers melted away. Beyond the food, four groups presented traditional dances from their countries, with some inviting others to join in with easy-to-follow steps, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the evening. What truly made the night special was the sense of camaraderie among the 60+ attendees, as they shared appreciation for each other’s cultures. It was a celebration of diversity and togetherness that transcended borders.

World Wide Winter Market

„Worldwide Winter Market“ was a heartwarming blend of charity and holiday cheer. It was organised in collaboration with ESG, the volunteer project All You Can Do and the student council from Philosophy SoBi and GeKu. Volunteers worked tirelessly to transform the venue at Nikolakloster into a festive wonderland. Student groups like Nippon, Onde, PSOA, Leo, Communitas Bohemica, and Seebrücke Passau also contributed by bringing various cookies and Christmas treats. Along with this, students could enjoy freshly made  Crêpe, waffles and potato soup. Attendees were immersed in a celebration of diversity with cultural performances like belly dancing and Afro-dancing. A room dedicated to board games and quizzes added to the merriment. The lively atmosphere was enhanced by the melodious tunes from the two bands Sandy Blade and The Barcodes. Amidst the festivities, generosity flowed as donations poured in for „Brot für die Welt“ (”Bread for the World“). The night culminated in raising an astounding amount, 774,89 euros for this noble cause.

Improv Night

In collaboration with the student group Improwiese, an Improv Night brought together German and international students for an unforgettable evening of fun and camaraderie. The event began with lively theatre games, serving as a warm-up before diving into improv activities.

Laughter filled the room as students wholeheartedly embraced the absurdity of the scenarios presented to them. From mimicking famous television scenes to embodying outrageous characters, everyone enthusiastically threw themselves into the games, creating an atmosphere brimming with energy and creativity.

Accompanied by snacks to fuel the excitement, the night fostered connections among participants. Some even found a new passion for improv, joining the club and participating weekly. Beyond the laughter, the Improv Night facilitated learning, friendships, and a sense of community.

Game Night with Würfelwölfe

The last event of the semester was a Game Night, in partnership with Würfelwölfe. It was an absolute triumph, packed with thrilling competitions and uproarious debates. From quick rounds of Uno to intense strategy games lasting late into the night, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

The highlight of the night? Without a doubt –  exhilarating debates on the most ludicrous topics imaginable! Participants dove headfirst into heated discussions, arguing over the most trivial matters with fervour and passion. Each vote cast felt like a battle won, adding an extra layer of intensity to the festivities.

But amidst the friendly rivalries and competitive spirit, one thing remained constant: the sheer joy of coming together and having a blast. Laughter echoed through the room as friendships were forged and memories were made.


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