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Writing a Term Paper in Germany

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Writing a term paper can be a difficult task. As an international student with possibly little previous experience in academic writing, writing a term paper following the German standards can be even harder. This is why the International Support Service offers “Briefs about Academic Writing” where senior Master students help international students in any inquiries regarding academic writing. Our second …


Charity World Wide Wintermarket 2023

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Die Evangelische Studierendengemeinde (ESG) und das „All You Can Do“-Ehrenamts-Team der International Support Services veranstaltet mithilfe diverser Hochschulgruppen den Charity World Wide Winter Market. Die Veranstaltung findet am 15. Dezember ab 17 bis 22 Uhr in den Räumen der Gmoa und KSG und im Nikolakloster-Innenhof statt. Es gibt Fingerfood aus aller Welt, heiße Getränke, Live-Musik, Tanz und viele weitere …


Game Night: Unlock fun and friendship

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(German version below)
The IKB (Intercultural gathering) project, funded by DAAD offers various events during the semester to foster integration. This week we are collaborating with Würfelwölfe.

Want a break from everyday Unilife, Join us for an evening of thrilling board games and fantastic company. Whether you prefer English or German, we’ve got you covered. If you …


The Study Guide-Solution to Your Problems

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–German Version Below–

Being a student, the overwhelming study routine often hinders the ability to find a perfect balance between academic life and vital personal and extracurricular life. The Study Guide, we believe, chimes in here as a savior to help students navigate their way through this stressful situation.

This was precisely the expectation with which this guide was designed …


How to give a good presentation in Germany

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Do you have to give a presentation in a seminar this semester? Are you wondering what the standards for a good presentation in Germany are? In the International Support Service´s “Briefs about Academic Writing” we can answer all of your questions and doubts! In our very first session of the “Briefs about Academic Writing” we covered the topic “Giving …


Letzter Aufruf zu Stipendien für ukrainische Studierende, Promovierende und Wissenschaftler sowie für internationale Studierende

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____English version below____
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Wir freuen uns, bekannt zu geben, dass kurzfristig noch Stipendien verfügbar sind! Diese Stipendien sind speziell für Studierende, die aufgrund von Problemen in Ihrem Heimatland (Flucht, Krieg, etc) in finanzielle Notlagen geraten sind.
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Wenn Sie oder jemand, den Sie kennen, Unterstützung benötigen, um ihr Studium oder Ihre Forschung fortzusetzen, zögern Sie nicht …

Honours Degree in Entrepreneurship 2023 – Nachbericht

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Congratulations to the students of the University of Passau graduating from the certificate programme ‘Honours Degree in Entrepreneurship’ 2023

Have you ever heard of AMP Avenue, EmoGi, GovTech Solutions, HealthyFoodCourt, Pigeon Friends, or VRTourism? These six student teams of the University of Passau have successfully completed this year’s programme ‘Honours Degree in Entrepreneurship’ with the final pitch event on Thursday …


New to the University and still full of questions? Du bist neu an der Uni und hast noch Fragen?

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We invite all international degree-seeking students who missed the two-weeks orientation programme to the Late Arrival Day on 6 November to get answers to their questions, network and get to know the University in detail. Don’t miss this chance to have a good start into your studies.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
International Support Services

Alle internationalen Vollstudierenden …


Struggling with writing a Term Paper? – Visit our Lifehack „How to Write a Term Paper in Passau“

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Being an international student, one of the numerous challenges one could possibly face is how to engage with the information glut constructively despite it being overwhelming at times.

That is where the #lifehacks kick in. They help you navigate through not only life on campus but the academic stress that might come with it. When I commenced my studies at …


Roundtable: Cultivated Meat: Opportunities and Challenges

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October 26 2023, 2 p.m.
Location: virtual

A flyer to the event can be found here.

Raquel Casselli, Corporate Engagement, The Good Food Institute Brazil
Bibiana Matte, CSO/Cultivated Pork Fat, Cellva, Brazil
Bruno Bellagamba, R & D, Cultivated Meat, BRF, Brazil
Carlotte Lucas, Corporate Engagement, The Good Food Institute Europe
Anna Loraine Hartmann, Cluster Ernährung, KErn Germany

Moderator: Prof …