Filmreihe Osteuropa: Death of the station: The Rise and Fall of Free Media in Russia

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Am Donnerstag, den 30. Januar 2019 um 20 Uhr zeigt die Perspektive Osteuropa die Dokumentation „Death of the station: The Rise and Fall of Free Media in Russia “ (Russland 2018, 54 Minuten) in Anwesenheit der Filmproduzentin und Filmautorin, Melanie Bachina in der Library-Lounge der Zentralbibliothek an der Universität Passau.

TV2 in Tomsk was among the last free and independent regional media outlets in Russia. But the company’s unfettered journalism was not in sync with the country’s increasingly restrictive political climate. The station’s broadcasts were shut down at the end of 2014.This documentary is the story about the value of Freedom of speech and media independence in Russia. The fate of TV2 is the fate of journalism in Russia.

This story shows how Putin’s regime acts against key players in independent media in Russia and shows the choices Russian journalists have – either to pursue a mission and risk their career, or to become a warrior of propaganda. The example of TV2 is a case of conscious choice in favor of the mission. TV2 was considered one of the last independent TV stations in Russia. Its closure may be a logical continuation of the series of killings of journalists and clampdown on free media in Russia. TV2 was also a signal to other regional companies.

With subsequent discussion with author and producer, Melanie Bachina.

Melanie Bachina is a head of video news team, news producer and presenter of News, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty and Channel “Current Time”, Prague. She was 2000-2015 Journalist and producer of the daily news program, presenter of evening news program of the TV2, Tomsk. She is a Winner of the main Russian Television Award “TEFI” as a presenter, reporter and documentary director.

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